Privy2: Biosolids and You


Welcome! This website is a companion to the installation of “Privy2: Biosolids & You.” The aim of the project is to bring the cycle of waste transformation to the Ohio State University’s main campus. The architectural pavilion installed on site is made from recycled plastics while the corn is grown in compost derived from biosolids (i.e. treated sanitation waste) produced by the City of Columbus. By giving OSU students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to interact with these resources, we hope this project can spark conversations about the challenges of sustainability in times of increasing resource constraint and sweeping environment change.

Privy2 is brought to you by faculty and students from the Knowlton School of Architecture and the Department of Anthropology and is funded by the Initiative for Food and AgriCultural Transformation (InFACT).

Com-Til Compost (City of Columbus)

Project Leads: Nick Kawa, Forbes Lipschitz, Justin Diles.

Privy2 Installation Team: Justin Diles and Forbes Lipschitz (leads), Aisha Cheema, Ashwini Kamath, Nick Kawa, Benjamin Luce, Syamil Normas Yakin, Colin Martinez-Watkins, Wyatt Meade, Kyle Ward, Drew Williams, Zhiwei Zhang, and many other volunteers!

Zine Team: Cindy Chen, Sam Haugh, Nick Kawa, Forbes Lipschitz, Syamil Normas Yakin, Logan Rance, and Lucas Tsitouris.

Project Partners and Consultants: Nick Basta, Jill Clark, Heather Curtis, Jonathan Ferbrache, Nan Hu, Shoshanah Inwood, Luther Nolan, Halina Steiner, and Steve Volkmann.

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